Criminal Minds S03E09: A Hacker is searching for files and then later doing a Hacker battle.

FAIL-Quote from the  scene:

"Wow!…. This system is insane…Its completely linux based… source programming…….you don’t see this in government systems in outside of like Switzerland!"

The code on the left side is from an IBM guy, using linux as a screensaver with qemu inside windows.  Scroll down to “QEMU” and you see the code.

The code on the right is some VB code for ejecting a removable media. I could not find a source for the code. A few seconds later you see this kind of VB code:

You can watch the complete scene at youtube.

Jurassic Park (1993): Nedry’s workstation as he scripts the park’s shutdown to make his getaway. Haven’t been able to locate the source code yet. I’m sure you’ll be able to help me out.

Halt and Catch Fire season 1 episode 6 aired 6th July 2014.

@+20mins the code on screen by Cameron has a 1990’s style C language comment but she is in the 1980’s. K&R C did not support that :-p for orig screen cap

This screen shot is from the first episode of the NBC TV series XIII.

The source code displayed is a modified version of

The Basement Jaxx video for “Never Say Never” shows a scientist hacking away on code to build a perfect twerking robotic ass.  He has been told his partner won’t have sex with him until the project is finished.  Naturally, he opens up the code in JaxxTerminal, and it’s a bash example script culled from the bash infopages.

Taken from the Anime: Aldnoah Zero Episode 1 – Princess of VERS, Time: 19:24. The code appears to be JavaScript but I don’t know the origin of the code.

Continuum, season 1, episode 3: Tracing a GPS tracking device with some C/C++ includes.

The photo is from “The listener 5x05”, and it comes from a “Unity 3D” code.

In the chapter, the cops says that is a code from an complex mathematical formula. And the programmer is debugging the code.

Shown in Person of Interest, season 2, episode 15. They “hacked” a firewall with this code…

The code is js  from a facebook XSS attack, here: (4. line) is an example.